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Claims HandlingCLAIMS HANDLING: The company has vast and proved experience dealing, among other matters, with loss of life and personal injury, including arrangements and assessment of hospital, medical, funeral and repatriation services; assistance with stowaways and refugees; loss or damage to all type of cargoes, including pilferage, short delivery, contamination, etc.; governmental fines, particularly those imposed by the customs authority; General Average, and collection of bonds; loss or damage to ships, docks, piers and others fixed or floating objects; oil pollution cases; charterparty and bills of lading disputes; and, in general claims related to P&I, FD&D and H&M cover.



Representation and assistance before all public authorities and private entities REPRESENTATION AND ASSISTANCE BEFORE ALL PUBLIC AUTHORITIES AND PRIVATE ENTITIES: The company keeps close relation with governmental authorities and private entities at national and local levels, ensuring a permanent channel of communication to discuss problems faced by the Members/Clients. In line with the former the company is represented through its Partners in entities and associations such as the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Cabello (Port-Customs Committee), Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce (Venamcham), Cámara de Comercio e Industria Venezolano-Alemana (Cavenal), Asociación Venezolana de Derecho Marítimo (AVDM), Asociación Venezolana de Derecho Portuario (AVDP), Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Marítimo (IIDM) and South American P&I Correspondents (SAPIC).


Appointment of surveyors/expertsAPPOINTMENT OF SURVEYORS/EXPERTS: The company is able to provide reliable and cost effective options for inspection and expert services, concerning survey condition, draft survey, on-off hire survey, preloading survey on steel products, shore and ship cranes survey and hull and machinery inspections. Services by these surveyors and experts are closely monitored by our company, to ensure they comply with the internal guidelines and those required by clients, discussing when necessary the fees to keep them at a reasonable level and in line with local standards.




Appointment of lawyersAPPOINTMENT OF LAWYERS: The company is able to offer a wide range of legal services in the different ports through our sister company SABATINO PIZZOLANTE ABOGADOS MARÍTIMOS & COMERCIALES, one of leading maritime law firms in Venezuela with more than three decades of experience, but also through the appointment of other lawyers/law firms whose expertise may be needed to deal and resolve the specific case.